Vehicle Protections



Subaru of Cranbrook offers a comprehensive suite of service protection plans that are custom built to your budget, and driving needs. Our affordable plans provide you piece of mind coverage against the unexpected. Our select plans provide coverage on the following within Canada and the Continental United States. Mechanical failure – Key Lockout and Recovery – Tire Service – Battery Service – Towing Service - Vehicle Extricating Service - Fuel Delivery service - Trip interruption – Vehicle Rental – Personalized Trip Planning and Routing – Theft and Hit & Run Reward – Arrest Bond Certificate - Key Fob replacement* Our industry leading plans, are manufacturer supported and administered locally by our service team providing you timely and effective support when you need it the most. Peace of mind is affordable for less than $2.00 per day** Plans available are endorsed by Subaru Protection Plan and Maximum Service Protection.

Ensuring your vehicle loan is paid in a timely fashion allows you to maintain your impeccable credit rating. In the unexpected event of: accident, illness, or death you and your loved ones become liable for any late or insolvent amounts owed against your vehicle loan.

Subaru of Cranbrook, paired with MDA Services has affordable peace of mind to protect you and your co-buyer's credit from being jeopardized. In the event of you or your co-buyer passing, estate and credit protection will provide timely loan payout to your loved ones. This keeps your vehicle as an asset rather than a liability to your estate.

Should the loan be paid out in sooner than its term, MDA Services will determine the residual value of the refund back to the policy holder. In the event of a lease situation, the remaining lease obligation including any buy out is paid in full to the estate.

Revolving Credit, Lines of Credit, Installment Credit are many ways to take advantage of opportunities that fit your lifestyle and needs. These forms of credit can also be dangerous to your credit rating when your situation changes unexpectedly.

Subaru of Cranbrook paired with MDA Services has credit protection coverage that will provide you piece of mind from the unforeseen. If you become ill, MDA Insurance will take over your payments for as long as you are ill or until the vehicle loan has been paid in full. This coverage is non-taxable, no re payments are necessary. There are no limitations to the number of claims during the loan amortization, pre-existing conditions are excluded with credit protection coverage.

This package is essential for anyone operating a vehicle in Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, North West Territories, or Saskatchewan. Because of our harsh winters and scorching summers, your vehicle is exposed to extreme changes in both temperature and varying driving conditions. When added to the aggregate and related chemicals used to provide traction and safety to our roadways; your vehicle is presented with a hostile environment in which it operates daily. Subaru of Cranbrook's suite of bundled vehicle protections will allow you to protect your vehicle against the elements of the weather and varying debris. The sudden stop with coffee in hand then a trip to the dry cleaners…what about your new vehicle? The tree that shades your car at the office…Tree sap and bird droppings all baked on by the UV rays. Protecting your vehicle is affordable for less than $2.00 per day** Plans are Dealer administered and offer lifetime warranty on the products installed.
Keeping your vehicle in showroom condition can be challenging and time consuming. Daily commutes, last minute stops and the unexpected can quickly take your vehicle from new to worn condition. From soccer pitch to shopping mall, underground parking to valet parking; those irritating dings and dents can make your vehicle's lines out of shape. The toys on the car seat, the jewelry on your jeans or the outdoor gear all present hazards to your vehicle's interior. Irritating stone chips, light wear, and abrasions and even scratches all NOT covered by your vehicle insurance policy. SMART Program has it covered. Our affordable suite of programs is skillfully applied to prevent or repair your vehicle keeping it in showroom condition. Our locally administered SMART Program suggests "Don't be afraid to park anywhere!"
Endorsed by Subaru Financial Services, Wear Pass + is peace of mind protection against lease-end liabilities such as: cracks, scratches, dents, dings, gouges, chips, cuts, tears, stains, burn hole, alloy damage and tire wear.*** Wear Pass + offers a single inclusive aggregate of up to $4000.00***