Health and Safety

COVID-19 Response

Subaru of Cranbrook is still taking measures to help curb the spread.

  • We are not requiring masking in our facilities at this time; however, our Staff will continue to have masks available should our customers request it. We will do our best to accommodate you, so should you choose to wear a mask, you won’t need to feel uncomfortable asking us to as well.
  • We are, as always, performing frequent cleanliness and sanitation procedures on all surfaces and high contact areas throughout the day.
  • Our dealership still has sanitizing supplies, (including hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and disposable face coverings) available should our customers request them.


  • Repair and Maintenance capacity are fully staffed and available to get your vehicle needs looked after, especially urgent needs.
  • Sanitary pick-up and delivery can be arranged, so customers who choose to remain at home can safely do so.
  • Test Drives and New Vehicle deliveries can be arranged if needed so minimal contact with the dealership is necessary. We will work with you!
  • Great ways to communicate with us include:
    • Phone
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Google Messenger
    • Our Dealership Website


We’re as excited as everyone else that things are returning to normal, and we’re here for all your vehicle needs. We look forward to helping with the purchase of your new or used vehicle and with any repairs and maintenance needed as effectively as we always have, while maintaining safety. We have made many arrangements to keep our team and customers safe and will continue to help curb the spread to the best of our ability.